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 Reference project

 Hülskens GmbH & Co

1993 Extension of habour pool 5, habour Neuss
 walings II 400 and UU 320,
 tie rods Ø3 1/4" and Ø4 3/4",
 RV-piles, size: 27,5 m.
 Stairs, recessed bollards and ladders.

Au am Rhein

 1995 Building a new
container centre
 Lenkering Montan AG / Dormagen,
 entrance bridges, gangways,
 stairs, dolphin tops.

 Heitkamp AG

1995 Tank store VEBA-Oel
 round steel tie rods Ø 83/4 ¼", two-piece, l= 40,00 m.

 ARGE Predöhlkai Hamburg
 A. Prien / Holzmann AG

1996 Predöhlkai, 6. berth
 fire-zinced round steel tie rods Ø 83/4"
 with special demands.

 Tiefbau GmbH, Unterweser

1996 Habour Fedderwarder Siel
 tubing beltings Ø 383 mm, tie rod connections.

 Gollwitzer Spez.Tiefbau

1997 Extension of the Westhabour of Regensburg
 waling connections of 2 HEB-340,
 round steel tie rods Ø 5",
 capping plate, bollards, ladders.


 ARGE Weserauentunnel
Bilfinger + Berger, Köster Bau

1998 Porta-Westfalica
 ca. 3000 RI-piles HEB 180, l= 14 to 25 m.


 Maas Bauunternehmung

1999 Rheinhabour Orsoy
 high-modulus waling IPE 550,
 RV-piles HEB 220
, l=24 m,
 bollards, plate nosing, ladders.


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